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 Ride With SHARE

Save on transportation when you ride together.

Get a ride from anywhere in the city for less than the cost of gas and insurance. Sign up to find rides near you.


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Future-Ready Transportation Solutions


Save between 60% and 80% vs the total cost of vehicle ownership.


Schedule rides 24/7 for when you absolutely need to be there on time.


Dynamic point-to-point shuttle routes, including Door-to-Door and last mile rides.


We work with communities, employers, senior living, and medical providers to create transportation routes. Riders schedule transportation in advance. We pick riders up at their home or designated pick and drop-off locations and scheduled rides are a flat rate starting at just $5/ride. (Save with monthly and annual ride passes)

  • For employers, we help employees access job opportunities that our outside of public transit.
  • For senior living, we add the option for residents to receive direct transportation to a loved ones home.
  • For schools, we serve to solve transportation challenges when school buses just doesn’t work.
  • For communities, we provide first and last mile shuttle services and we work with public transportation routes to provide our riders with the multimodal trip options.

WIFI is just one of the ways we make your ride better.

SHARE uses a fleet of Ford Transit 350 Vans and New Model Sedans to transport our riders in comfort. SHARE’s connected vehicles give riders an environment to be productive or just relax. If you care about the environment, we can tell you how share is making an impact there too.

Share Van Fleet

We help you cut down on the cost of transportation for your community by sharing our fleet. We manage a growing fleet of vehicles that are insured and licensed. For commuter transportation and community coordinated shuttles, SHARE can transport up to 14 passengers in each vehicle.

Now Hiring Drivers

We are hiring great drivers for part time to full time positions.

Apply now to be a driver and join the SHARE team.