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Future Mobility Starts With Sharing

SHARE is a shared-mobility platform and transportation service for communities. We utilize a shared fleet of vans and sedans to serve the transportation needs of employers, senior living, schools, non-emergency medical, and other underserved communities. We use machine learning to optimize dynamic transportation routing and maximize seat utilization.

We Are A Better Way To Ride!

The Data Behind It All

SHARE runs on a platform that manages riders, drivers, vehicles, and operations. Communities can schedule transportation or individuals can setup their own trips. The connection of our vehicles allows for location and driver performance tracking. We also use machine learning to dynamically create the best routes, while assessing the latest real-time drive routing information to maintain on-time arrival and departures. All while working with Smart Cities to share data. 

We maximize utilization of vehicles by filling more seats and operating throughout the day. We introduce the best vehicle technology to our fleet so we can give our riders the best experience. The brains behind SHARE also aim to help communities prepare for autonomous vehicles into optimal routes once technology, policy, and price are aligned.   

*Riders are not required to use a smart phone to access SHARE.



Cities are transforming to enable connected vehicles and autonomous transportation. SHARE is autonomous-ready, and we are working with communities to develop the programs that will enable self-driving vehicles once the technology passes regulatory approval.

Communities are asking. . .




It Starts With Sharing

For 38% of all personal rides, there is only one person in the vehicle and on average, there is only 1.6 persons in each vehicle. That’s a lot of unused seats. The airline industry relies on a model of seat utilization, but for our cars, we ride alone. The future of self-driving cars is delayed if we don’t learn to share. That is the defining belief that drives our team to focus on the human aspects of transportation transformation. We are helping communities design shared transportation networks that are ready for self-driving vehicles. 

Share Data

Communities are competing to create trial sites for autonomous vehicles. But what about the real data about your community and their transportation needs? SHARE’s mobility platform captures the data that communities will need to be ready for autonomous vehicles. We implement a total transportation solution as a subscription that gives communities the data they need to make decisions about transportation. Data is how we make your transportation operation better.


Ready for Self-Driving Cars?

We are almost there. The technology exists, but further testing is needed. Communities can start now by introducing shared mobility services. When your community rides together, the road gets better. Communities with active shared transportation will be the first to utilize self-driving cars for personal transportation, and we aim to change behaviors to accelerate the demand for autonomous transportation.



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