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SHARE for Commuters

SHARE makes the ride to work more productive, relaxing, and reliable. We establish new commuter routes that provide door-to-door transportation with no vehicle transfers. Employers can subsidize or pay the full cost of the ride, or allow employees to pay directly.

With SHARE, employers can tap into an unused pre-tax benefit and offer up to $255/month in transportation credits. SHARE is ideal for call centers, distribution centers, shipping and logistics, and other employment locations that tend to be outside of the bus-line, but offer higher paying opportunities for unskilled workers. Also, SHARE is perfect for professional commuters because they are able to make productive use of the drive time, eliminate the hassle of finding parking, and ultimately slash their costs of transportation.

Transit Pass Employee Benefit

The monthly pre-tax benefit limits under section 132(f) for eligible transit and parking benefits, for tax years beginning in 2017.


Qualified Transit Benefits Monthly Maximum Annual Tax Savings*
Qualified Commuter highway vehicle and transit-pass with SHARE $255 $856

*Annual tax savings is an estimation based on a blended Federal, State, and Local tax rate of 28%.


SHARE utilizes a mix of technology, incentives, and great transportation services to make programs that work for your business!

We start with a transportation study to identify the needs and return on investment that you can achieve with shared transportation services from SHARE.

SHARE for Senior Living

Seniors will benefit from improved transportation services to the things that make them enjoy life! We are addressing the growing demand of senior care providers to improve access to transportation for seniors. With SHARE, senior living communities get increased access to transportation at a reduced cost. We also provide door-to-door individual transportation that takes a senior from one of your properties to a loved ones home, dinner, or personal outing. SHARE can be additive to your existing operation or we can handle all aspects of your transportation operation. Still want to operate the vehicles? Ask us about how you can use the SHARE platform to manage your internal transportation service and access our fleet of vehicles for peak capacity needs.


We start by asking questions about how you are operating today. We typically hear that transportation access is limited, expensive, and there is a need to extend the quality of life for seniors through transportation. SHARE provides the technology, vehicles, drivers, licensing, and insurance to move your residents!

The first step is our transportation study. We will identify the needs of your seniors and measure the potential savings that you can achieve with shared transportation services.

SHARE for Schools

SHARE works with schools and youth organizations to fill the gaps in transportation through the use of sedans and 14-passenger vans. We are not a school bus provider, however, we want to make getting students to the places they need to be easier and more accessible. 


We start by identifying the gaps in your transportation services while understanding the WHY behind the transportation challenge. We work with schools and education organizations to implement transportation solutions that get students to where they need to be on time.

The first step is our transportation study. We will identify the needs of your students and measure the potential savings that you can achieve with shared transportation services.

SHARE for Charters

Contact us to request a quote to charter a SHARE van for your next event.

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