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SHARE is a mobility technology company that transforms communities with microtransit services.


Imagine a world where your ride to work arrives at your home to pick you up, you get to work on time with a stress-free commute, and you gain an hour or more of productivity each day. Parking space demands are slashed and access to reliable transportation is universal for all employees, with ride options for different employee schedules and budgets. When you arrive to work, you are dropped off at the door. What a better way to start the day! That is the transportation service we are building at SHARE. We bring shared mobility to communities that lack the density for mass transit. First and last mile transportation is part of the SHARE solution and we develop dynamic transportation demand systems to increase access and decrease costs for riders.

SHARE is now operating transportation services in Columbus, OH. SHARE services are available through participating employers, schools and senior living communities. If you are interested in SHARE services, contact us.

The SHARE Advantage

SHARE operates a fleet of connected vehicles, allowing the SHARE operations team to access driver information in near-real-time.  This connectivity allows our drivers to adjust routes for traffic, road closures and construction, etc., creating routes that reduce ride time at every opportunity.  Our goal is to get riders where they are going as efficiently as possible, both from a time and a cost standpoint.

Safety First, Safety Above All

SHARE’s level of connectivity allows us to pinpoint all vehicle locations at a given time.  All vehicles also operate with cabin-facing video recording devices, ensuring that our driver’s eyes are on the road at all times.  Share also tracks driver behaviors such as speed, braking habits, and other factors to ensure our team of drivers are doing all they can to deliver riders safely to their destination.  Our software also allows for 3rd party scheduling, so users can schedule rides for friends and loved ones and know our team of drivers will get them where they are going.

We’re Driven By People…And By Software

What really separates Share as a service provider is our software suite.  Our software allows us to quickly create ride-share groups and routes that will deliver riders safely to their destination as quickly and cost efficiently as possible.  When possible, we make use of electric vehicles, and our software has been built with an eye toward the future, as we’re planning today for autonomous vehicles.



SHARE is Future-Ready Mobility

Transportation is the great equalizer, but we know that access to transportation is far from equal. We are breaking down old-world business models to pave the way for the future of transportation.We work with communities to change the way that people move. SHARE is a mobility platform for transforming transportation. What is a platform? A platform is something you build upon. We use our mobility platform to build transportation networks for communities where more seats and vehicles are utilized across communities to reduce everyones total cost of transportation. The SHARE Platform includes the software, vehicles, drivers, processes, and compliance needed to launch a new transportation network. Some communities run their transportation networks on SHARE and others rely on SHARE for outsourced transportation services.

SHARE is future-ready mobility because we help communities prepare for self-driving cars and next-generation mobility technology.


Made In Columbus, OH

We are headquartered in Columbus, OH, also known as Test City, USA. We are building a transportation platform for communities that don’t look like San Francisco or New York. Cities like Columbus need a community-focused transportation solution that works with public transportation. Columbus has been tasked with developing the playbook for American Smart Cities, and SHARE aligns with the Smart City objects and outcomes.

SHARE is an A.V.E. AutoMedia Inc. company, backed by corporate investors and innovative venture capitalist.

Learn more about A.V.E. at AVEAutoMedia.co

Now Hiring

We are growing! Our team is hiring. SHARE is an equal opportunity employer. We strive for diversity of thought, experience, and identity.


VP, Operations – We are seeking an experienced transportation executive to join our team. Apply Now

Smart City Director – 8 Open Positions. Learn More

Internships – We have 4 open internship positions (2 Technical and 2 Marketing roles). Learn More


SHARE is now hiring great drivers in Columbus, OH. SHARE drivers should have a clean driving record. Drivers will be subject to thorough background checks and drug testing.