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To support social distancing during the COVID-19 crisis, many communities are reducing or stopping public transit services. While the world stays in place, now is the time for cities and organizations to change the way people commute.


SHARE’s technology and network of professional operators can quickly deliver mobility for essential workers and support the return to work over the coming months. SHARE has created a COVID-19 Protocol for cleaning vehicles and maintaining the health and safety of our riders and drivers.

SHARE's Health & Safety Plan

Bringing Employees Back to the Office

For essential workers and those returning to the office first, planning the commute will be a big question. SHARE has been the trusted partner in moving essential workers during the COVID-19 stay in place order because of the health and safety procedures we use to minimize the risks and allow people to get where they need to go.  To respond to COVID-19, SHARE Mobility now includes:  

  • Contact Tracing for every rider and vehicle    
  • Social distancing with flexible seating capacity    
  • Driver and passengers are required to wear face coverings (PPE)    
  • Sanitization of all surfaces with CDC-approved disinfectants before every ride  
  • Temperature checks for drivers and optional checks for riders  

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      As people go back to work, the way we work will be looked at with fresh eyes. We are hoping to be a big part of the recovery by working with employers.”

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