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SHARE Transportation for Employers

Rides are scheduled in advance and employees can plan far ahead


Pre-tax eligible and can cost 60-75% less per rider vs ride-sharing.


Consistent Vehicles and Professional Drivers that employers can trust


Data and insights to help organizations make transportation decisions


The Commute is Now Your Problem

The choice of where to work is made based on transportation.

The commute is the #1 worst part of the work day. Forward thinking employers are introducing transportation benefits with SHARE to help attract, retain, and reward their workforce.   Transportation benefits with SHARE are pre-tax eligible and can cost 60-75% less per rider vs ride-sharing.  


Change your job application and start asking: "Do you need a ride to work?"

Let us show you how we SHARE

Huntington Bank cares about their colleagues and the environment. As one of the largest employers in Columbus, OH, Huntington wanted to reduce the carbon footprint of the employees commute while also helping colleagues that might want or need a ride to work.



Transportation Benefits for Forward Thinking Employers

SHARE is good for Your Employees, Your Company, and Your City

Discover the benefits of helping your employees get to work

Reduced Parking Needs When Employees Ride vs Drive 

Improve Recruiting & Retention by providing a useful and valued benefit

Increase Productivity and give your employees free time



Share rides with other organizations, or just your own



Reduce Your Commuting Carbon Footprint & Reduce Traffic

Who uses SHARE

These are some of the organizations that trust SHARE to transport their workforce every day

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