COVID-19 Transportation Program for Healthcare Providers

There are over 20,000 new COVID-19 cases daily, many of which require visits to the hospital. SHARE Mobility has selected the first of its kind Honda Odyssey for COVID-19 to bring a total solution to healthcare providers.


  • Software for patient scheduling
  • Honda Odyssey for COVID-19
  • Operations Management
  • Professional Drivers
  • Insurance
  • Data & Analytics


Healthcare providers are facing major transportation challenges due to COVID-19. Bus services are decreased and transportation availability is limited. To solve this novel transportation challenge, the engineers at Honda have created a vehicle specifically modified to carry patients potentially infected with COVID-19. Honda’s engineers redesigned the interior of Honda Odyssey vans to create a barrier that helps isolate infected patients through the use of physical barriers and pressure differentials.

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Modified Honda Odyssey for COVID-19


Our mission is to be the safest private mobility network that organizations trust to move their people. We are here for you during this difficult time and we are ready to build a better transportation system for the future.

To respond to COVID-19, SHARE Mobility now includes:

  • Contact Tracing for every rider and vehicle
  • Social distancing with flexible seating capacity
  • Driver and passengers are required to wear face coverings (PPE)
  • Sanitation of all surfaces with CDC approved disinfectants before every ride
  • Temperature checks for drivers

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