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SHARE Transportation for Schools & Universities

In-vehicle video, real-time tracking, and student ride monitoring for schools and parents


Serve more of your students with better scheduling and flexible capacity for peak times


Consistent Vehicles and Professional Drivers that students, families, and institutions can trust


Data and insights to help organizations make transportation decisions


Pupil-Compliant Shared Transportation


We help schools and universities provide efficient, shared mobility services to students, teachers, and staff.

SHARE selects the right driver & vehicle based on the state regulations for pupil transportation.

Schools, universities, and youth organizations partner with SHARE to help students get access to education experiences. SHARE makes the ride to and from school safe, reliable, and less expensive, using dynamic routing to make door-to-door pickups.

Let us show you how we SHARE

St. Vincent Family Center in Columbus, OH helps good students get better. Students come from all over and sometimes the bus is not an option. To reduce the costs of transportation and ensure a high level of service, SHARE and St. Vincent worked together to design a mobility service plan that parents can trust.


Watch how SHARE helps the students get to St. Vincent


Transportation Benefits for Forward Thinking Education Providers

SHARE is good for Your Students, Families, and Schools  

Discover the benefits of helping your students with shared transportation


Scheduled rides and dynamic routes ensure that transportation is only going to students that are using it.

More Efficient Bus Routes

Student profiles allow parents to select the type of service that is right for their student. ADA Accessible Vehicles are matched to the needs of students with drivers that are trained to provide safe and reliable service

Accessible and Safe

W-2 professional drivers who are pupil certified by the State

Professional Drivers

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