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We solve transportation problems for the world's most forward thinking organizations.  From enterprise to healthcare, the future of shared mobility runs on SHARE.  

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SHARE Is A New Category of Mobility

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Available on iOS and Android. Download, create your SHARE Rider profile and schedule rides available in your area.


To receive discounted and free rides from organizations near you, use your company email, .gov, .edu, or accept the invitation from your organization when you login for the first time.

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Making Microtransit Work for Organizations

SHARE is a mobility company.

We partner with organizations like employers, senior communities, schools, healthcare providers, and cities to power a new type of transportation called "microtransit".


Microtransit is not the bus and it's not ride-sharing (both are great, but they are not SHARE). Microtransit is a way to plan, coordinate, and deliver mobility as a service to groups of riders.


People schedule and share rides, it costs organizations less, our software makes it run, and the service is delivered by safe, professional drivers in reliable, connected vehicles.

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The future of mobility is shared and it runs on SHARE

The Benefits of Riding SHARE to Work

Public Private Partnership to Bring Microtransit to Seniors

When the bus won't do,

SHARE for Schools

Drive with SHARE and start a flexible, fun, and rewarding career with a company that cares about you.

Hey Janet! We have two more routes during your availability. Do you want to accept the 4 hours of driving every Monday through Friday?

Great! You are driving the Silver Honda Odyssey, SHARE #144 and your first route starts Tuesday at 9 am.

You have 32 scheduled riders for Monday!




Hi, yes I do. I will check my app for the routes. Thanks for filling my schedule! I love driving the seniors to their activities.


Professional Driver

Senior & Student Certified

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SHARE is available anywhere.

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